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[Behind Story] #1 Vegan Lip Butter™

#1 Vegan Lip Butter™

Hi everyone! Whether you are a long time user or a new user of Melixir, you must have heard about our Vegan Lip Butter, the product we most recommend for our customers. Just last year, our Lip Butter ranked #1 on Amazon! You might be asking what kind of features it has to be the most recommended product and also occupy #1 on Amazon rankings. Well, this is the perfect opportunity to answer your questions and also share how the Lip Butter was created by Tini, our product developer, and Koeun, our designer. Read more to find out a glass of tequila led to the creation of our famous Lip Butter! 

Hi Tini! I’m curious about how the Vegan Lip Butter was created. 

Tini: Before, I used to carry around a tinted lip balm to hydrate and add color to my lips, but I noticed that the lip balms that are already on the market were usually too glossy or only have colors that weren’t natural and not very suited for straight guys like me (laughs). It made me wonder if there was a lip balm that wasn’t as glossy, had a natural color, and could properly moisturize the lips. This was what started the development process of our agave-made Vegan Lip Butter.



It’s interesting to learn how this product was inspired by a personal need! How did you think of using agave as the main ingredient?

Tini: You might be surprised by my answer, but the idea of the Vegan Lip Butter actually started with a glass of tequila. I was meeting up with old friends, and in the middle of drinking, I suddenly remembered that tequila is made from a cactus, called agave, that grows in Mexico. I had an Eureka moment when I connected agave’s ability to retain water in the desert with our Vegan Lip Butter. The next morning, I went straight to the product development lab (laughs).  After multiple samples and test runs, I was finally able to produce the Vegan Lip Butter you know now. By using agave as the main ingredient, the lip butter not only hydrates the lips extremely well but also adheres to Melixir’s value of veganism.

We actually received a lot of requests for lip treatment products from our customers, so when we finally launched it in the market, we were proud to be able to fulfill our customers’ wishes. Recently, Melixir’s Vegan Lip Butter has been receiving lots of love from our customers abroad, which is extremely rewarding to hear as a product developer. 

Since lip balms are applied daily, did you pay any special attention to the ingredient list?

Tini: Definitely. Melixir’s Vegan Lip Butter is a product that stems from our philosophy of “healthy.” In fact, many current companies are already aware of the problem behind lip balms being made from animal-derived ingredients, such as beeswax and petroleum jelly. Of course, the development process wasn’t exactly smooth. It took a lot of trial and error to make a lip balm with good hydration powers and tint without relying on ingredients taken from animals or ingredients that irritate sensitive skin. Some other factors we took into account were how we might accidentally swallow it when eating or drinking and customers who are more sensitive to fragrances. By choosing natural ingredients such as agave and shea butter, we were able to create a safe, healthy, and moisturizing Lip Butter that anyone could use. 



As someone with sensitive lips, I definitely agree with you on how gentle the Lip Butter is. On the other hand, I can't help but mention the various colors that are available. There must have been many trials and errors before all 12 colors were released.

Koeun: That’s right. When Tini and I were creating the product, we did a number of color tests in order to get the perfect shade (laughs). In the beginning, I actually worked on coming up with a unique story for each color. Each individual shade took us a decent amount of time, however #11 Autumn Rain took the longest to create. I wanted to capture the essence of a “rainy autumn,” but the shade kept coming out slightly different from the one I had in mind, so I had to spend more time developing it. After all the effort we’ve put in, we’re very proud and happy to have created so many different colors for our customers. 

Wow. I didn’t expect the color creation process to be so difficult! Are there stories for the other colors?

Tini: The colors available for the lip butter were mainly inspired by things we were familiar with. Through the colors, we wanted to evoke a sense of familiarity that could be associated with food, nature, or even the weather. #2 Nude Cracker was inspired by the nude color of actual crackers, and #03 Red Velvet was inspired by the vibrant colors of my favorite red velvet cake. Personally, my favorite is #08 Havana that was inspired by a picture I happened to see of a beautiful sunset in Havana. To share the warmth that picture evoked in me, I tried to replicate it so that others can enjoy it too.  

The colors seem more vibrant to me after learning about what inspired it. Among the 12 different colors, what are your favorites?

Tini: My favorite is #02 Nude Crumble because it’s not too bright for me and it makes my lips look healthy. Nude Crumble and #05 Dewy Rose are what I would most recommend for those who want a more natural look. 

Koeun: I choose the colors according to the situation and the season. Recently, I’ve been using #11 Autumn Rain the most. I found that deeper colors are more attractive and complement our winter attire well, so it is good to use during colder months. 



I also think both colors are really nice. However, I heard that the design of the Lip Butter also has an interesting background story.  

Koeun: Yes. I think the design of the Lip Butter actually reflects my preference towards products that have a solid, yet clean finish. An example of a brand like that is “Yeti,” the brand that sells camping supplies. When designing the container of the Lip Butter, we first considered the optimal size for it. We wanted our customers to feel good when holding it, so we paid extra attention to its grip size and semi-matte texture. Unlike other lip balms on the market, we made the inside and outside the same color for uniformity. Overall, I went for a minimalistic design, so anyone from anywhere can use it openly in public. 

Yeah! When I first saw the Vegan Lip Butter, I did think that it was a product that fit anyone who used it. Maybe the reason it was ranked #1 in sales on Amazon in the U.S. for 6 months in a row was because of its design.  

Koeun: Thank you so much. The Vegan Lip Butter has sold more than 400 thousand units since its launch, making it by far the most loved product at Melixir. I think this was possible because of the number of customers around the world who support Melixir. A customer who purchased our product from Amazon left a comment that said, “I am very happy and grateful to be able to discover such good products that only use vegan ingredients.” When I read comments like this, I feel a sense of pride in what we’ve accomplished. 

When customers leave reviews on products that you’ve worked hard to create, you must feel an immense amount of pride. To wrap up this interview, I’d like to ask if you have any tips for those who are already using or want to try Melixir’s Vegan Lip Butter? 

Koeun: My main tip would be to use it in a variety of ways, such as around the eyes or on the cheeks. After COVID, I began to prefer lighter makeup instead of heavier makeup, so I used the Lip Butter not only on the lips, but also on my cheeks as a light blush, adding complexion to my eyes and cheeks. As someone who’s either heavy on makeup or no makeup at all, I was able to find a middle ground through our Lip Butter. Since the Lip Butter can naturally enhance my complexion without me having to use actual makeup, I like to use it when I exercise or go to work.