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[Behind Story] Bare Hand Wash

Bare Hand Wash Behind Story

Hi everyone! Today we are going on a trip down memory lane to visit the birth of our Bare Hand Wash with Mark, from the Marketing team and Tini & Koeun from the Product Development team. Let’s go!


Mark: Hi, Tini! What kind of product is the Bare Hand Wash? Can you briefly describe it?

Tini: As the pandemic prolongs, many of us have kept up with our hand-washing habits. I wash my hands before eating, afterarriving home, or just whenever I have time really. The Bare Hand Wash is a hand wash that is made with gentleplant-based ingredients, leaves behind a subtle aroma of Melixir’s signature scents, andlast but not least a feeling of freshness on your hands after use.


Mark: That’s right! I’ve also been paying more attention to washing my hands lately. I think the name of the product, “Bare Hand Wash” is very interesting. What does “Bare” mean?

Tini: The word “Bare” is integral to the Hand Wash. By taking the word’s meaning as it is, I wanted to express the idea of how nothing is left behind after using the hand wash. On the other hand, I also wanted to make sure our hands aren’t stripped of all their moisture. The dense frothy lather foam, the gentle but effective formula, and the fresh moisturized after-feeling are the three biggest characteristics and strengths of the Bare Hand Wash. We used Sponaria (commonly known as soapworts flowers) as well as ceramide as the key ingredients to increase cleansing power and to give the product huge hydrating abilities.



Mark: I see…! I actually tried it too and thought it cleaned my hands well without stripping them of moisture. To be honest, I don’t see hand washes that are vegan very often. I wonder if it has any special features, since it's a vegan product.

Koeun: All Melixir products are created with sensitive skin in mind. Unlike other hand washes on the market that also emphasize scent, we made an effort to use only safe and eco-friendly vegan ingredients with our Bare Hand Wash. This is important because our hands often come in contact with our faces. Many times, when we use artificial hand washes, the ingredients that were used cause residue to stay on our hands, so when we touch our faces, it might react negatively to the residue. On the other hand, our Vegan Bare Hand Wash is made with mild ingredients that don’t leave residue behind, so you won’t have to worry about possibly irritating your skin.


Mark: That’s why the ingredient list contains so many unique natural ingredients. This is actually the first time I’ve heard of a raw material called ‘Saponaria.’ Do you have any methods of choosing which ingredients to use for the product?

Tini: I’ve kept a secret notebook for ingredients ever since I started working at Melixir. I write down the benefits and efficacies of various botanicals I’ve come across over the years. When we’re in the development process of creating a new product, I always turn to my notebook first. We then look for an ingredient that best aligns with the main function of the product we are trying to make. Each product we invent contains plant-based raw materials that are carefully chosen by our team, ensuring that everyone can use it without fear of it irritating their skin.


Mark: A secret notebook sounds so cool! I’d love to see it sometime too. As you mentioned, the main functions of the Bare Hand Wash are to clean and hydrate. Are there anyother reasons why you made such a product?

Tini: Yes, of course! It started a year ago when I was gifted a bottle of hand wash and brought it home to use with my family. Then one day, I realized that even after using it, my hands didn’t seem to be completely clean;there wasstill foam residue and a slippery after-feel. Even before the pandemic, we were supposed to wash our hands frequently to prevent germs from spreading. With the pandemic in full force, my family was worried about our hand washes not doing their job properly, so I decided to develop a hand wash that not only cleans well, but can also be used safely with family and friends. That is how I ended up developing the Bare Hand Wash.  



Mark: The story behind the product really warmed my heart! I heard that during the development process, a lot of changes were made to satisfy differentcircumstances.

Koeun: In terms of design, we went through a lot of modifications. When I first designed the container, I thought it was important for it to blend naturally with its surroundings. Not only did I have to make sure it could blend in regardless of the interior or brightness of the space, but I also had to make sure it stood out among other hand washes on the market. Since it’s natural for the hand wash bottle to often come into contact with water, I chose a container with a glossy finish rather than one with a matte finish. I also kept in mind the possibility of external factors, such assunlight, that could potentiallychange the chemical makeup of the formula, so I chose brownas the container color,which could keep the contents of the product protected. This is also the signature color of Melixir. Whenever I see this bottle of hand wash that was made with so much thought put into it, I feel a sense of pride.   

Tini: We put a lot of effort into the formula itself as well. The Bare Hand Wash took the longest time to develop and perfect out of all the currently existing Melixir products. The development process, which took over a year, was filled with numerous changes in formulation to give it a clean and soft feel. As a result of the time and effort we all spent on it, we are elated to have made such a product that appeals to our customers and reflects the values of Melxir.


Mark: I’m impressed by how long the hand wash spent in development! I can’t imagine the immense pride you must have felt when such positive responses came in.

Tini: Of course, one of the happiest moments after developing a product is when you know the customers like it. Every time I use the Bare Hand Wash, I remember a review that said how the subtle, calming scent lifted their mood - it made me kind of emotional. Another review that I also think of is one left by a customer who visited a cafe called “More Than Less,” located near Hyochang Park. The customer shared that after using the hand wash, they felt as if they were physically in a forest, motivating them to find us online and purchase their own bottle. These kinds of comments always make me feel so grateful.



Mark: I think there are a lot of customers who like Melixir’s signature scent! I know that Koeun really likes perfume, so I’m curious as to which scent you prefer: Dreaming Youth or Untamed Nature?

Koeun: I prefer Untamed Nature. This fragrance is one that originated from and is based on the experience of one of our team members “Matt.” I wanted to share the emotions thatMatt felt whenhe explored the Tiger Leaping Gorge in China. On the trip,Matt was able to experiencefirst-hand the comfort and freshness of nature whenhe was surrounded by carved rocks, cliffs and lush grass. Just like howMatt felt, I wanted the Untamed Nature scent to make users feel refreshed as if they were in the forest themselves. I also like brands such as Patagonia and Gregory, which are natural but sophisticated, as opposed to artificial. This might be why I like Untamed Nature so much. The combination of herbs and woody scents along with the fresh and natural feeling you get after using the hand wash really relaxes your mind.


Mark: Lastly, can you recommend other Melixir products that would go well with the Bare Hand Wash?

Tini: I’d recommend our Vegan Herbaceous Gel Cleanser. Before washing your face, you should always wash your hands first to rid them of any germs. However, many people aren’t aware of this concept. If you were to wash your face with unwashed hands, it may contaminate your face and aggravate existing skin problems that you may have. After using the Bare Hand Wash to thoroughly wash your hands, you can then use the Herbaceous Gel Cleanser to wash your face in a safer and more sanitary manner.