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[Behind Story] Vegan Deep Hydration Cream

Hello, everyone! Today, we’re here with another behind-the-scenes story of Melixir’s newest product, the Vegan Deep Hydration Cream, an intense moisturizing cream for our dry skin. Check out this conversation between Mark, from the Marketing team, and Tini & Koeun, from the Product Development team.


Mark: Hello, Tini & Koeun! I heard that Melixir recently launched the Vegan Deep Hydration Cream. Can you briefly tell us about the product?


Tini: Hi Mark! When I’m brainstorming for a new product, I always think about what people really need. Melixir’s first moisturizing cream is the Vegan Relief Facial Cream that soothes the face. This product has received a lot of love from our customers with oily skin during spring and summer. However, many of our customers with dry skin have requested a product with an ever-lasting hydration for extremely dry seasons. Our team, having heard their requests, decided to create the new Vegan Deep Hydration Cream with enhanced moisturizing power. The cream not only hydrates but also brightens, and is composed of mild, plant-based ingredients, so those with sensitive skin can use it without worrying.


Mark: Melixir is really listening to the voices of their customers! What do you think our customers will like the most about this product?


Koeun: I think our customers will appreciate its “deep moisturizing power and refreshing feeling” the most. Since I have extremely dry skin, I've tried countless moisturizing creams. Unfortunately, most of the products either lacked deep, long-lasting hydration or remained sticky after use. Our team worked hard to gauge our customers’ opinions to find out what they really wanted in a skincare product. Ultimately, we were able to develop a cream that is rich in hydration but does not leave a sticky after-feel.


Tini: I think the biggest benefit of the product is its vitamin infused formulation that is great for the skin. The vitamin C capsules and diverse vitamin ingredients, such as tocopherol, 3-O-Ethyl ascorbic acid, and niacinamide, will help penetrate and provide deep hydration to the skin while simultaneously brightening it to make it glow. Plus, the formula is hypoallergenic, so it suits all skin types.


Mark: I love how this product was made with Koeun and Tini’s personal considerations in mind! I think the vitamin C capsule is what makes this product so unique. Are there any reasons why you chose capsules?


Tini:We chose capsules because of its enhanced ability to penetrate the skin and aid its absorption of nutrients. As soon as the capsules touch the skin, it quickly melts from our body temperature. As a result, our skin can absorb the vitamins and is left hydrated, soft, and without any sticky-residue.


Mark: That's amazing! But even before choosing capsules, what made you choose vitamin C as the main ingredient of the cream?


Tini: Since I am interested in healthy living, I always take vitamins and nutritional supplements as a daily routine. I feel recharged and energized after taking my vitamins every morning, which led to me thinking how great it would be if we could apply vitamins  to our skin. After going through numerous trials with my team, we were able to successfully create a product, now known as our Vegan Deep Hydration Cream, made with a formulation infused with various vitamins.


Mark: Koeun, I heard that you are very interested in skincare. Do you have any tips for taking care of your skin during the winter seasons?


Koeun: Rather than simply using a lot of skincare products, I think it's important to find products that suit you well. Since I have dry skin, products with good cleansing and hydrating abilities are essential in my skincare routine which includes cleansing oil, gel cleanser, toner, serum, and cream. On days when you have to put on makeup for a long time or when the fine dust level is high, it’s better to only apply a refreshing moisturizer that calms the skin, rather than using a lot of different products. Of course, the most important thing to keep in mind is your lifestyle. I try to drink enough water every day and eat eggs in the morning since it helps us to keep our skin nourished. Also, I've been doing pilates for 3 years which also helps in detoxifying not only my mind and body, but also my skin as well.


Mark: That's right, I also agree that it's really important to find your own routine. Koeun said that she puts on makeup after applying the cream. Tini, is it okay to use other products on top of the Vegan Deep Hydration Cream?


Tini: Of course! After a number of tests, we found out that even if we apply other products, such as makeup, on top of the cream, they all penetrate the skin equally rather than just sitting on top as layers. Because the cream will give your skin that dewy, hydrated look, your makeup will actually turn out better. I also want to remind everyone that it is essential to use sunscreen when using products that contain vitamins like the Vegan Deep Hydration Cream. Exposure to UV rays makes the formula vulnerable to oxidation, which can then adversely affect the skin. Since the Deep Hydration Cream absorbs quickly after application, using an additional sunscreen product won’t make your face feel heavy. I highly recommend using Melixir’s Vegan Airfit Sunscreen as a complement to the cream.


Mark: Which products would you, Koeun, personally recommend from your skincare routine?


Koeun: I recommend Melixir’s Vegan Bamboo Serum the most. This product is made of bamboo extracts and Aczero, so it has deep hydration abilities and fights visible signs of aging. It is deeply moisturizing and non-irritating, so I recommend it a lot to my friends. If you use the cream after the serum, it will give you  an extra layer of hydration.


Mark: Wow that combination sounds great for people who have dry skin! I usually have oily skin but it gets dry during winter. Would it be okay for people like me who have dehydrated oily skin to use the Vegan Deep Hydration Cream?


Tini: Yes, it's good for people with dehydrated oily skin! The Vegan Deep Hydration Cream absorbs quickly and does not leave a sticky feeling behind, while locking in the skin’s moisture. If people with skin types like you, Mark, use this cream, it will help them enhance their skin’s health.


Mark: That’s good to know! The packaging is very simple, yet edgy at the same time. Does the design have a special back story?


Koeun: Yes, we put in a lot of thought into the design of the container. Products containing vitamins must be protected by colored containers because oxidation will occur if it is exposed directly to sunlight. That’s why we chose the glass container you see today, designed to limit exposure to sunlight while still conforming to Melixir’s aesthetics. We took into consideration how moisturizing creams are normally placed in bedrooms and chose a minimalistic look, so it can blend seamlessly into its surroundings.


Thank you for reading this article, and I hope you enjoyed it! Anyone who wants a deep, hydrated, and balanced skin will definitely love this Vegan Deep Hydration Cream. By incorporating the cream into your daily skincare routine, your skin will become healthier, bit by bit. Since this is a product created from the concerns of real customers and the experiences of our developers, we are positive that Melixir’s clean and effective formulation is a highly effective choice to restore your skin’s moisture and balance. However, don’t forget that the most important factor in maintaining your skin’s health is finding a skincare and lifestyle routine that suits you well. Until then, stay tuned for the next story!