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Beyond UV Protection: The Good Summer Skincare Routine


Considering just how quickly the sunny season tends to pass us by every year, it’s safe to say a day without summer fun is a day wasted. As we are still very much in the thick of summer, there really is no better time than now to get out in the great outdoors as much as we can, bare our skin to the sun, and break a sweat. 

But, with lots of summer fun comes great responsibility - summertime isn’t always so kind to the skin as it is to our spirits. By now, we’ve all been well-educated that sunscreen application is pivotal in this time of year for reasons ranging from avoiding stinging sunburns to premature aging. 

But, could putting on sunscreen really be enough for the skin? 

Our answer is well, no. The truth is, focusing on UV-protection alone can only get us so far when there are other abrasive stressors that may hinder us from achieving that real, radiant, sun-kissed look this season. 

Beyond UV-Protection

If you haven’t been paying much attention to your summer skincare ritual, it may surprise you that even sunscreen can sometimes exacerbate skin troubles. The reason for that is because after long hours of being thickly covered with sweat, dirt, excess oiland makeup throughout the daytime heat and humidity, heavy SPF is yet another layer that can easily burden the face. 

Having layers after layers applied onto our skin every day under the sun easily clogs the pores leading to acne break-outs and blockings of our sweat glands that cause the sweat to build up underneath and cause itchy and bumpy heat rashes. 

And so, the very first thing we want for our faces is to let them break free from it all and breathe easy. Hydration is something we ought to pay attention to all throughout the year, but in the summertime, we want to keep our skincare ritual especially light and soothing. 

Less is Always More in the Summertime 


Because indulging in summertime fun should never be compromised, focusing on rest and relief is the most important to protect our delicate visage from all these stressors. 

With this in mind, we have carefully crafted a 2-step kit designed to soothe our sun-charged faces, and replenish the water reserves in our skin, all the while nourishing it with nutrient ingredients so that we can bring out that summer glow from within.

Our hydration kit currently available on Amazon includes two of our most beloved products at Melixir:


Vegan Bamboo Serum

Suitable for even the most sensitive and distressed skin, this quick-absorbing serum is a hydration booster that firms and smoothes the skin as it repairs the skin cells. It is formulated with bamboo, green tea, and Centella Asiatica extract and it also contains patented Aczero which effectively controls the sebum level on your face.

It is a lightweight mixture of vegan nutrients that soothes the face and you will immediately notice how soft your skin becomes. 

Vegan Relief Facial Moisturizer

Again, this vegan facial moisturizer with a lightweight, cloud-like texture is appropriate for all skin types including the most sensitive. Infused with green tea extract, this moisturizer soothes and hydrates your skin without clogging the pores, truly living up to its name. Additionally, it is a powerful formula that helps combat oiliness and red blemishes. 

Just like the bamboo serum, it also includes patented Aczero and Centella Asiatica extract which effectively controls the sebum level on your face.

All of our products are created without animal ingredients and strictly prohibit animal testing. Paraben-free, No artificial fragrance.

We believe that healthy and sustainable skincare should be for everyone. By formulating products with plant-based ingredients, we strive to bring balance back into your life and nature.