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[Culture] Our Ideal Team Member

Melixir’s culture

Melixir’s culture centers itself around 4 particular values. We heavily emphasize the effort each member puts in to not only further the company mission, but also to make sure the result of their efforts reflects those values. It is important that the core of Melixir, our team, familiarize themselves with the values and regularly practice them. This is why we spend time communicating these values to our new members during the recruitment process. 

Melixir’s 4 Core Values

Each member of the Melixir team shares the following 4 core values. 

1. Commitment to promoting and creating a healthier community
    Not only do we maintain balanced and mindful lifestyles, but we also seek to promote them to surrounding communities by…
    • Providing our customers with clean and safe cosmetics made from natural raw materials. 
    • Proposing different ways to live a sustainable and fulfilling life.


    2. Customer-centricity

    Customers stand at the center of Melixir's creations and operations.

    • Our business operation model is consumer-centric, with customers being the focal point of company decisions. 
    • We constantly improve our product and service offerings to reflect consumer feedback.


    3. Honesty and trust

    Honesty and trust lie at the core of innovation.

    We believe that a team that fosters a certain degree of trust among its members is capable of a higher level of innovation. 

    At Melixir, "trust" means to… 

    • Be honest and open when conflicts arise during work. 
    • Understand that even when one opinion conflicts with another, it is ultimately part of the process of achieving a shared goal. 
    • Complete tasks you are responsible for to the best of your abilities. 
    • Not participate in or instigate gossip about other team members.


    4. Sustainability

    We pursue sustainability along with others in the community through efforts such as...

    • Creating products with environmentally sustainable materials.
    • Reducing our carbon footprint through our empty container recycling program, Me:Cycle.
    • Publicizing sustainability reports with measurable indicators. 
    • Participating in donation drives in our community.