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[Melixir People] Yoga Instructor Srun Sung

Melixir People Yoga Instructor Srun Sung

Melixir draws inspiration from young professionals who are pursuing their own unique dreams in life. We’d like to share a story from one of our customers, Srun Sung, who began practicing yoga in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle after leaving a corporate job she worked for a long time. According to Srun, being healthy is when your body and mind are balanced. What do you think is a healthy life? 

What made you choose your current job?

Back when I was still working, I only did yoga purely as a hobby. After many years in the corporate world, I was exhausted and needed a break. I eventually quit the company I was working for and immediately flew over to India to learn more about yoga. I wanted to travel to the place yoga originated from to learn about its history and culture. It was amazing to feel at peace with my mind and body every time I did yoga. After that trip, I wanted to share the experience with other people, so I became an instructor. 

What does this job mean in your life?

Yoga is both my life and my job, which is something I find important for me. In the past, I often felt skeptical, since I was working for a company and not for myself. Back then, I never felt motivated to work on myself as a person. Now, I put my best foot forward and do everything, from studying to practicing to living my daily life, to the best of my abilities. I believe that when your mind and body are in sync with each other, you can inspire others to do the same. 



What kind of people do you recommend yoga to?

I recommend it for people who do not understand their bodies and minds. On the yoga mat, you’re put face to face with your body’s discomforts and your mind’s concerns in its most unfiltered and natural state. For me, I started yoga at a time when I wasn’t self-aware of my body, didn’t know if I was sick or not, constantly asking myself “Why am I in pain?” or “How can I make myself feel better” As I started training, I had the time to reflect on my physical and mental state and finally understand why I was having such a hard time. It took a while for me to accept everything, but ironically, recognizing and accepting my condition was the beginning of my healing process. I recommend yoga for people who have doubts about their health, don’t really understand their bodies, or don’t know where to start, as a way for them to be introspective and have a conversation with themselves.   

What kind of yoga do you enjoy practicing the most?

I like Universal Yoga, a genre of creative modern yoga that is done on a cross mat and incorporates various movements. The movements we do are not easy, but as I practice more and more, I start gaining confidence in myself. When this happens, my definition of “impossible” changes and I become more conscious and aware of my potential. Another type of yoga I like is Yin Yoga. It’s a style that allows you to delve deep inside your mind and mind while you hold a position for several minutes. It’s almost like meditating. You don’t really need to put in a lot of effort, but once you finish, your mind and body will feel refreshed. 

What do you think "healthy" means? What do you do daily to maintain your health?

I think being healthy comes from being balanced. No matter how strong you look physically, you’re not really healthy if you don’t take care of your mind. I have come across cases where the body ends up being neglected when the mind is being taken care of. It’s hard to find balance or be balanced in everything you do, which is why I practice yoga every day to help me with that. During my training, I tune in to the rhythms of my body and mind. After training, I eat food that is good for me, rest well, and think positively. At the end of the day, yoga not only helps me live a healthy life, but it also helps me understand how well I am doing in life. 



As one of our first customers who has been following Melixir since 2018, you’ve participated as a model for the brand film. Was there anything you felt while filming with Melixir?

I was so excited to be the model for the Melixir Vegan Lip Butter because it was my favorite out of all the Melixir products. It was also my first time filming a video, so I was nervous and worried about my performance. 

On the morning of the shoot, I thought back to my first visit three years ago. I remember the reason I visited the Melixir Showroom was because I was invited to come as a customer of Melixir. I ended up talking to Hana, Koeun, and Tini from the Melixir team and came up with an idea of holding a pop-up yoga class in the showroom. We eventually did it a month later and it was a lot of fun. 

At that time, I had just recently settled in Seoul after working as a lecturer for some time in my hometown. When I think about it, I realize how far I’ve come. Now, I’m setting up my own yoga studio, made my debut as a writer by publishing essays that record my life as a yoga practitioner and a vegan, and more places are starting to request my classes. Of course, I continued supporting Melixir through my highs and lows. 

I can’t believe the Melixir that was once a start-up company with only a couple of products has now grown to be a representative of the Korean vegan cosmetics market. I wholeheartedly congratulate Melixir’s growth, whether that was when it became an Amazon bestseller or when it released a new product through a collaboration with actress Im Soo-Jung. I think I’m this happy and emotional because I know Melixir’s history so well. It feels as if we both worked hard individually, and now we are meeting again, happier and more accomplished. 



What is your favorite shade of the Vegan Lip Butter? 

#07 Plum Peony. It was my favorite color, but I was hesitant to try it on, thinking that it might not fit me well. When I finally tried it on though, the makeup team and I were surprised because the color fit me so well. Because the shade is much bolder than what I would usually wear, it was even more shocking that the shade fit well with my skin tone. I think people with skin tones that don't fit warm or cool tones should definitely give it a chance. Don’t say no before you even try it!

Thank you for participating and collaborating with us in Melixir’s brand film. As you shared your love for Melixir with many people, it must be really important to you, right? 

Yes it really is. I like how Melixir doesn’t use vegan as its appeal. Rather than saying, “It’s vegan, so try it” to those who aren’t vegan, Melixir focuses on its product’s efficacies and introduces the product being vegan as a perk. It’s like they’re saying, “It’s really good, so you should try it. It’s also vegan!”

Melixir’s products are of good quality, have good design, are promoted using good marketing campaigns, and originate from core values that I relate to. It’s hard to find a brand that fits all the criteria, but Melixir has done it. 

I really hope there comes a day where everyone in the world uses cosmetics that don’t harm animals or use them as raw materials.