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Team Melixir’s Healthy Lifestyles

Hello, everyone! I’m Mark, from Melixir’s Marketing team. In the past decade, people have started to become more conscious about healthy living. One healthy habit that I’ve kept is taking baths before going to bed. Baths are not only good for blood circulation but also help free my mind from intrusive thoughts. Today I met Dani, the Sales Manager, and Tini, the Product Developer from Team Melixir, to learn about their daily routines for a healthy lifestyle. Check out the article now to hear about their tips and tricks!


Hi Dani! To start us off, what are your most important values in life?


"Honesty" and "consistency." In every relationship you have, whether it’s with other people or yourself, sincere communication is what I believe to be most important. When we are honest with each other and create long-lasting relationships, every interaction we have in those relationships will be positive.


I’ve never thought of that before! Do you have any habits related to those values?


Yes, I pay a lot of attention to what I eat. I try to avoid processed delivery foods as much as possible, and stick to fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables. I have also maintained a healthy sleep schedule–sleeping at ten and waking up at five–for over ten years. By starting the day with stretching and a healthy breakfast, I feel much more energized.


Wow, you are truly dedicated to pursuing a healthy lifestyle! I heard that you are also into working out, could you tell us more about it?


Yes, I love a variety of exercises. My favorite these days are pilates and jogging by the lake. I try my best to work out at least 3 times a week since it really helps improve my posture and clear my mind.


I also enjoy jogging, since it makes me feel refreshed. On the other hand, knowing that our skin is an important part of our health, do you have any tips for keeping our skin healthy?


Since I have dry skin, keeping it hydrated is very important. My skincare routine is in the order of: cleansing oil, gel cleanser, toner, serum, and cream. On days when I feel like my skin is drier than usual, I use face mist to further hydrate my skin.


Hydration seems to be an integral part of your skincare routine. What are your most recommended products that help keep the skin hydrated?


I want to recommend Melixir's newest product, the Vegan Deep Hydration Cream, an intense moisturizing cream for dry skin. Melixir’s first moisturizing cream is the Vegan Relief Facial Cream which soothes the face. This product has received a lot of love from our customers with oily skin during spring and summer. However, many of our customers with dry skin have requested a product with an ever-lasting hydration for extremely dry seasons. Our team, having heard their requests, decided to create the new Vegan Deep Hydration Cream with enhanced moisturizing power. The cream not only hydrates but also brightens, and is composed of mild, plant-based ingredients, so those with sensitive skin can use it without worrying.


Wow, Melixir really did a great job reflecting the voices of their customers! What do you love most about the product?


I love that it’s fast-absorbing and properly moisturizes my skin. The cream also serves as a good makeup base. Whenever I put on makeup after using the Deep Hydration Cream, the makeup looks smooth rather than cakey. Because the cream will give your skin that dewy, hydrated look, your makeup will actually turn out better.


We also met up with Tini, our Product Developer.


Hi, Tini! I’ve heard that you are very interested in healthy living and have your own routines. Do you mind sharing a little bit of that with us?


Hi, Mark! Yes, I am very interested in pursuing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As an everyday routine, I always take vitamins and nutritional supplements in the morning. I feel completely recharged after taking my vitamins and see it as a great way to jump-start the day!


Wow, that’s a great habit! Which supplement is your favorite one?


I would say vitamin C is my favorite. It’s been a while since I’ve consistently taken vitamin C every day, but I’ve noticed that it gives me the energy to get through the day and also brightens up my skin.


As a product developer at Melixir, do your daily routines and lifestyles affect your working process?


Yes, it definitely does and I’d like to bring up our Vegan Deep Hydration Cream as an example. One day, I thought it would be great if we could also apply vitamins to our skin. After going through numerous trials with my team, we were able to successfully create a product with vitamin-infused cream and vitamin C capsules.


It’s interesting to learn that this product originated from your personal life! I think the vitamin C capsule is what makes this product so unique. Are there any reasons why you chose capsules?


We chose capsules because of their enhanced ability to penetrate the skin and aid its absorption of nutrients. As soon as the capsules touch the skin, it quickly melts from our body temperature. As a result, our skin can absorb the vitamins and is left hydrated, soft, and without any sticky residue.


As a cosmetic product developer, are there any skincare tips you would like to share with our customers?


I want to say that using sunscreen is essential. To prevent skin damage and aging, I recommend incorporating sunscreen as the last step of your skincare routine. More specifically, I want to remind everyone that it is essential to use sunscreen when using products that contain vitamins like the Vegan Deep Hydration Cream. Exposure to UV rays makes the formula vulnerable to oxidation, which can then adversely affect the skin. Since the Deep Hydration Cream absorbs quickly after application, using an additional sunscreen product won’t make your face feel heavy. I highly recommend using Melixir’s Vegan Airfit Sunscreen as a compliment.


Thank you for reading the article, and I hope you enjoyed it! I’m positive that finding the right lifestyle and skincare routine will make your life much healthier. Also, to anyone who needs a deep, moist, and balanced skin, you will definitely love the Vegan Deep Hydration Cream so feel free to try it! This is a product created from the voices of real customers and the experiences of our developers. With deep considerations made on behalf of giving your skin the vitamin boost and the ample hydration it needs, the Vegan Deep Hydration Cream will not only brighten up your skin, but also brighten up your day! Stay tuned for the next story!