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Team Melixir's Action Towards Sustainability

Hello everyone! This is Kate from team Melixir. Today, I would like to share some of team Melixir's experiences and efforts towards sustainability. One thing for everyone to keep in mind, is that we don't have to engage in big actions to make a difference. One small and simple action made by individuals is enough to initiate a change!


Team Melixir’s Visit to ‘Nonoshop'


Exploring green and healthy places has always been our enjoyment; it is how we stay inspired to be more mindful. 

Few weeks ago, team Melixir stopped by a zero-waste store located in Itaewon. The space provides refreshment and moments of reflection, by reminding us of the importance of sustainability.  In the store, you can find tasty vegan drinks and food, as well as eco-friendly everyday goods.

For those of you who are willing to visit this area, we highly recommend you to bring reusable containers. The store offers you with a variety of non-packaged food, such as nuts, granola and spices. You can also purchase shampoo, body wash and dish soap at the refill station, where prices are determined according to its weight. Laura of team Melixir filled up her container with chocobomb, cinnamon crunch and earlgrey granola. She really liked the nutty, rich flavor and looks forward to visiting again soon. 

We highly encourage you to find and visit zero-waste stores nearby, where you can make healthy decisions for yourself and the environment!


Laura's Experience With Ocean Cleanup 


If you are looking for a fun summer activity, you should check out Team Melixir Laura’s meaningful experience at the ocean. Let’s hear her story!

Hi Laura! I heard that you traveled to Gangneung a few weeks ago, to participate in an ocean clean up. Could you begin by telling us what exactly the ocean cleanup is?

Ocean cleanup refers to the activity of picking up wastes from the ocean. Since I enjoy diving, I usually go down deep in the water to collect the wastes.  If you are not an underwater diving-person, you can also choose to collect wastes that are floating on the water, or are thrown away at the beach area.

Sounds like a meaningful activity! What in particular drew you to participating in this activity?

My interest in ocean cleanup began 4 years ago, when I started to learn skin scuba diving. The first thought that came to my mind when I first dived into the water was ‘there is much more to life’. I was blown away by the feeling of freedom that I could experience under the serene ocean. Ocean cleanup is definitely a fun activity to do, but what makes it more meaningful is the fact that you are taking action to build up a better society and healthy environment.

Tell me more about your experience at Gangneung! How did the cleanup go?

A total of 18 members from the diving club worked together to collect 60 kg of fishing wastes and Asterias Amurensis( Northern Pacific seastar). Known as the ‘pirates of the sea’, the Asterias Amurensis has been officially selected as an invasive species by the UN and the International Ocean Institute. Being an aggressive predator of oysters, mussels and scallops, it decimates the biodiversity of the ocean. We organized the fishing wastes for recycling and delivered the starfish to a nearby farm, where they could use the starfish as manure.

Wow, I didn't expect that much waste to be collected. I can feel your team's true dedication towards this activity. What was the most memorable event that happened at Gangneung?

Our diving club prepared several presents for the ‘best waste collectors’. I was able to get into 3rd place, with a record of collecting a total of 4 kg wastes. I received a washing bag that could be used when I wash my diving equipment. The no.1 collector was able to pick up a total of 10kg - and this boosted up my motivation! Physical strength is the most important when it comes to picking up and carrying large amounts of waste. I promised myself to do more workouts and be physically prepared for our next ocean clean up. Besides, I cannot forget the cute little fish that were hiding behind the coral reefs.

Presents for the best collectors, how sweet! It seems like there are a lot of things to prepare before you go for a cleanup. What is your must-have item for underwater diving?

Definitely Melixir’s ‘Vegan Airfit™ Sunscreen’! I used to put on a lot of regular sunscreen before diving into the ocean. My instructor once told me that too much sunscreen can kill coral reefs. After observing some coral reefs actually turn into white due to ‘coral bleaching’, I always use reef-safe sunscreens.

Last but not least, do you have any personal goal as an ocean cleanup diver? 

Since there are 365 days in a year, my goal would be to collect a total of 365kg of ocean wastes every year. This means that I should collect 5 kg everyday, for 73 days. It is definitely challenging, but I think it is achievable if I have the goal clearly set in mind and try my best.  A lot of people participate in ocean cleanup  just for a single time experience. I wish more people could participate on a regular basis to continue their meaningful and exciting diving life.


Team Melixir will always search for ways to improve sustainability. I hope we can all work together to build a healthy environment!